Replacement Adjustable Straps - Armband for Omnipod


Replacement Adjustable Straps - Armband for Omnipod

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For use with our Omnipod Cages and to add versatility to our Adjustable Band for Omnipod

Circumference Ranges:

  • Small: 6-10 inches (15-25 cm)

  • Regular: 10-16 inches (25-41 cm)

  • Large: 15-26 inches (38-66 cm)

  • Waistband: 25-40 inches (64-100 cm)

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Strap size.

Regular: Designed to fit around the upper arm of >95% of individuals older than 16 years of age.

Small: Suggested for arm placement on young children. Not recommended for adult use. 

Large: Suggested for use around the waist of young children and for adult thigh pod placement. 

Waistband: Suggested for use around the waist of adults.

**As of Feburary 1st, 2018 all additional straps for the Adjustable Band for Omnipod will not include a reflective logo.**


CAUTION: It is possible to overtighten this armband which can result in decreased blood flow and pain. Each user is solely responsible for the amount of tension applied during use.

Each armband is handcrafted and therefore subject to slight varriation. If any questions or concerns arise please contact us using the link below.