Essential Organizer for Blood Glucose Testing Supplies.

Organize your FreeStyle or OmniPod testing supplies. Designed as the most compact way to carry a container of FreeStyle test strips, the Freestyle lancet device, and 16 grams of glucose. Perfect for organizing these essential supplies so you can be ready for life’s next unexpected adventure.

Steps for use:

  1. First, place four of your favorite flavor of glucose tablets into the main cylinder. (We recommend protecting the tablets with plastic wrap to ensure they are not damaged by moisture during storage, example image below showed glucose tables wrapped with a thin layer of Saran wrap.)
  2. Next, place your lancet device into its contoured holder, which protects the lancing end from debris and contamination.
  3. Then, snap a new container of test strips into the top of the main cylinder protecting your emergency glucose supply and securing the lancet device in place.
  4. You're ready to go. Leave your old, dirty, zippered cloth pouch behind. You now have everything you need in its most compact form!

When it is time to test simply open the container of test strips and you will have access to everything you need. You can also just rotate the container of test strips to allow removal of your lancet device. If you want to rotate your container of test strips for lancet device removal, we recommend removing the label from the container first.


Don't Forget an OmniPod PDM Personalized Battery Cover and Protective Case!


No glucose tablets, strips, lancet device, or carabiner will be including with your purchase. Presence in photos is for demonstration purposes only.