Meet inSite SAM

SAM is Freed DM’s insulin infusion Site Assessment Model.

Keeping track of insulin injections or insulin pump infusion sites can be a pain. Favorite sites are often overused, leading to skin health issues. Keep your skin healthy, reduce your hbA1C, and use less insulin each day with proper site rotation.

Experts recommend to avoid injecting insulin into the same spot within a two week to 1 month period. For insulin pump users, no simple skin site should be reused within a one month period. SAM is here to help accomplish these recommendation. Use either permanent or dry-erase markers to mark Sam. Then, with a quick glance one can remember what areas were used recently. Permanent markers are ideal for marks needing to last a month; and no need to worry though, even permanent markers are easily removed from SAM with the swipe of an alcohol wipe when you're ready to restart your site rotation pattern.

To learn more about diabetes and skin health check out of "Further Reading" section above. Content is currently under review and will be added weekly. Check back frequently to stay informed.